Company Profile

Our Motive:
Zebra Organics Fertilizer and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading company in organic fertilizers and pesticides engaged in northern and western India. Providing Nature: it is company’s primary goal. Today company has about 20 products which are total option of chemical pesticides and fungicides, and phosphatic and potassium fertilizers in organic form. Our products have proven absolute insects, pests, fungus, virus, nematode control withour any chemical which is requirement of present global market.

Our Production and Market line:
Organic fertilizers and pesticides are manufactured at our unit near Gandhinagar, capital of Gujarat State. We value quality of products in such a way that is not only problem solving to farmers, but which is adding values to their products. 10 of our products are certified for organic farming by Ecocert India Ltd. Our organic phosphate fertilizer is not only option of chemical phosphate, but it gives more yield and quality of products to the farmers using it.

Company is always active to improve quality of even proved products for better results. And research for developing option of every agrochemical is restless process of our company.

Company Information:
Company started working in 2006 from Surat, Gujarat. For development purpose, we shifted our production unit near Gandhinagar, Capital of Gujarat State; and administration at Ahmedabad in 2011. In 2013, Company started branch offices and supply centres in Maharashtra, Punjab, and Haryana.

In present day conditions, our company has the best performance amongst companies dealing only in organic products. Ours is the company which has all organic products and not a single chemical used in its product range.

ISO 14001:2004, Ecocert (for 10 products).